"O'Neill is super powerful as the disillusioned immigrant Czolgosz" Broadway World, Assassins

"Leon Czolgosz (a shattering Brandon O'Neill)" Seattle Times, Assassins. 

"O'Neill gives a stellar performance, subdued and roiling, as the golden boy gone to seed." CITY ARTS, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. 

"...he of the dark good looks and the baritone voice that takes no prisoners , PIONEER PRESS, Pirates of Penzance.

"O'Neill turns in a stunningly strong performance filled with conviction, Broadway World, A View from the Bridge.

"There can’t be many actors with both Tennessee Williams and Gilbert and Sullivan on their resume, but O’Neill’s portrait of the multiply wounded ex-athlete is a cocktail of bitterness and dry, resigned wit, wringing an amazing amount out of so few words.. it’s a tightrope O’Neill walks expertly." Seattle Weekly, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

"As the Pirate King, Brandon O’Neill certainly gets the spirit of fun going early...O’Neill leaps and bounds, and carries in his eyes the knowledge that this is all for laughs. Star Tribune, Pirates of Penzance

...huge waves of laughter that crash down on the stage as Babkak, Omar & Kassim race off to rescue their friend Aladdin" ...Best of all, thanks to the inspired comedic capering of Brian Gonzales, Brandon O'Neill, Jonathan Schwartz and Don Darryl Rivera, the clowns are back. Huffington Post, Disney's Aladdin-Broadway's New Musical Comedy.

"...played with boyish comic verve by Jonathan Schwartz, Brandon O’Neill and Brian Gonzales..." NEW YORK TIMES, Disney's Aladdin-Broadway's New Musical Comedy.

“...expertly performed... Kassim (O’Neill) acts as a kind of genial emcee...” Variety, Disney’s Aladdin the New Stage Musical

“Brandon O’Neill has found steady work at Seattle’s 5th Avenue Theatre and with good reason: he’s incredibly versatile.” CBS Seattle

“Brandon O'Neill plays Sky in the grand, stage-owning tradition of charismatic rogues going all the way back to the Adam of American musical-comedy characters, Gaylord Ravenal in 1927's Show Boat.” Seattle Weekly, Guys and Dolls

“O'Neill, however, is the real find here: The guy bites into it every chance he gets, and is the only one whose voice suggests the show Knop and company want to deliver” Seattle Weekly, Diana Moves

”...achingly funny.” Talkin’ Broadway, First Date

“Brandon O'Neill, playing Angel's lover, is not a black man like usual, but he doesn't need to be—and his chemistry with (Jerrick) Hoffer is so sparky that by the time one of them is grieving the death of the other, the whole house is sobbing. (Or at least I was.)” The Stranger, by Chief Editor, Christopher Frizelle, RENT

...a riveting Hanuman, the only actor who manages to speak El Guindi and Timm’s bizarre colloquial lines without sounding like a transplant from a TV sitcom. O’Neill captures perfectly the mythic qualities of his character...”, Ramayana

“Brandon O’Neill, who plays Hanuman, is the heart of the show. I don’t know if O’Neill is East Indian or spent time there or not, but his sing-song lilt of an English-speaking Indian is spot on.” Seattle’s Child, Ramayana

“O’Neill captures a character that is both bemused and capable, mischievous and incredibly powerful., Ramayana

“Brandon O’Neill... immediately commands the audience’s undivided attention. He’s undeniably a self-serving rascal, but he brings wit, charm, and a winning physicality to the role, whether he’s dancing, bouncing, bounding, or dangling from a rope dropped from the ceiling.” NW Asian Weekly, Ramayana

“ favorite performer of the show, Brandon O'Neill as Hanuman the monkey.  I have never seen O'Neill better than he was here.  His character and spirit were infectious and engaging and a complete joy to watch.” Broadway World Seattle, Ramayana

“O'Neill plays the sinister Thuy with conviction and a stellar voice” Broadway World, Miss Saigon

“Brawny Brandon O'Neill is a natural comic in the role of ex-footballer Wreck, making even "Pass That Football" (one of the score's weaker links) a rousing number.” Talkin’ Broadway, Wonderful Town.